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How Fresh Parts Can Help You Save

Save Money

Many things about your car can help you reduce how much you pay for fuel. Things like lubricant level or the condition of your tires, for example, can be very efficient in reducing fuel consumption. The main takeaway is that taking good care of your car can help you save money.

Oil Change

Are you changing your oil when your manufacturer recommends it? This is because leaving significant gaps between oil changes will eventually make the engine degrade faster and increase the levels of dirt. This leads to reduced protection of your engine, which will make your engine consume more fuel.

Air and Oil Filters Change

With regular maintenance, your vehicle becomes safer on the road. In addition, your car's chances of a breakdown considerably drop if you do routine check-ups. Finally, cars with complex systems can spot the beginning of an issue; pay close attention to your car’s information system for early warning signs.

Longevity of the Car

Changing the air filters can also help you save on fuel for your vehicle. Because if your filters get dirty, this will decrease the engine's power and efficiency, leading to more consumption. Oil filters work similarly to air filters. If they become dirty, this will affect the combustion process, increasing fuel consumption.

Keeping an Eye on Your Tires

You should keep an eye on correctly aligned and inflated tires. By driving your car at a lower pressure than that recommended by the manufacturer, your consumption will increase by about 0.25 gallons over 90 miles. The same goes for weared-out tires; these should be replaced every 50,000 miles.


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Preventive maintenance can reduce your repair bills in the future. 


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